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Simulator - VR Football

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Be a professional football star and prove yourself in an exciting penalty shootout.


It’s the penalty shootout. It is the last step to glory. It’s the end.
Breathe. Hold.
The whole world is watching over you. One moment, and the legend will be born.




Live the thrill of being a professional soccer player, firing with your own feet thanks to the most innovative technology in virtual reality.
Feel a real stadium pending your cool blood and overcome your opponent.

Dare yourself. Take the ball. Live it with our football simulator: FootVRball.

(Includes customization and customization of logos, shirts and equipment, boots, gloves, advertising and billboards and more options).

Reto tecnológico

Realistic recreation of the environment.

Foot and waist tracking and interactive response.

Real physics and adaptive ball response.

Artificial intelligence and variables of the opponent.